The Edge Mosaic

Last week, The Edge mosaic was installed. This was a culmination of much planning and designing over a number of years. The Form IV Visual Arts girls were given the brief to design a mosaic to fit into the shallow niche on the large east wall entrance to The Edge.

The enormous scale of this project proved to be rather daunting and an easy solution was not found immediately. By combining the girls’ ideas regarding all the various activities which take place in The Edge: music, drama, art and dance, together with our sport, cultural, spiritual life and school features, we came up with a plan. At the top of the niche is the sun, the source of all life; in front of the sun and centrally placed, is the cross. Pathways and streams of life lead up to this focal point. Small details such as the koi fish and peace dove were included. Lindsay Gaydon, a St Mary’s Old Girl, executed the mosaic and added in her own personal touches such as the 3D rose, frogs and lily pads. We are all very proud of this achievement.

Sue Heydenrych
HoD Visual Arts