Senior Primary collaborative research week - Flames for the future, rings of the past

Our group had a wonderful week exploring many aspects of the Olympic games. We transformed the STEAM hub into a museum — a visual display of the history of the Olympic games. The girls were encouraged to research whatever aspect of the games interested them, bearing in mind that they had to present their research in a creative and interesting way. They filled a wall of fame, a timeline of the history of the games, a magazine of the Greek gods, board games about the Olympics, clay figurines of athletes who have participated in the games and posters about the flame and its travels.


Andi Kirchmann and Kiara Lomax spent most of their week creating a magnificent poster about the main Greek Gods. Most girls contributed to researching ideas and creating the timeline. A group put together a magazine, which, along with beautifully illustrated descriptions of the gods and goddesses, included insightful material such as Aphrodite’s beauty tips, “All about me” by Apollo, Hera’s guide to breaking up and Dining with Dionysus. Many of the girls researched aspects of the games and then used the information they had found to create board games. Some made posters of their favourite athletes and Georgie Pritchett made a model of an Olympic gymnasium. Michelle Henning and Michela Di Benedetto looked at the statistics and made graphs showing their results. Esmé Thornhill-Davis made clay figures and was the curator of our little museum. Katie and Annie Rawlings made a comic strip showing the start of the Olympics. Some girls researched ancient Greek urns and then created their own. Esmé Thornhill-Davis spoke to the girls about archery and Lara Granig spoketo the girls about fencing.

On Thursday each girl chose an athlete to research. She then attempted to create that athlete from clay and design an appropriate medal. The girls had great fun and learnt a lot about the intricacies of working with clay.

We were privileged to have spent our time working in the beautiful STEAM hub. The magnificent space definitely inspired creativity and the girls thoroughly enjoyed their week.