Senior Primary collaborative research week

The collaborative research week was an accumulation of a number of Monday afternoon discussions by groups of teachers and then input from the girls using Visible Thinking routines to see where their interests lay. I would like to thank Sally James and the Senior Primary teachers for all the hard work that went into making this week a very different learning experience which took many people out of their comfort zone but provided a stimulating and different learning environment.

Girls could choose which group they would like to join.

Human Sports Machines
Join a dynamic team of medical specialists preparing athletes for the performances of their lives. Investigate the physical and emotional well being of athletes as well as other aspects including nutrition, exercise plans and muscle conditioning to obtain optimum outcomes.

City of Champions

Aspiring urban designers, architects and environmentalists
You are invited to tender for the design and construction of the
'City of Champions'
athletes' housing
the stadium and
transport links

Tell the World

Tell the story of the Olympics to the world through dance, music, technology and design. You have the opportunity to be part of a group of people tasked with the exciting job of marketing the Olympics.
Branding, logos, mascots, costumes, sponsorships, sound and special effects – the list goes on.
Should you choose to be part of this dynamic project you will work collaboratively with other members of a design team to decide how to go about telling the world that the Olympics has started.

Flames for the future, rings of the past

What do you know about the Olympic Games? What would you like to know?