Senior and Junior Best Speaker's Competition

The skills of creating an intelligent and meaningful speech, as well as providing an eloquent delivery, are mastered in the annual St Mary’s Best Speaker’s Competition. The competitions for both the junior and senior speakers were held in the latter part of October. Once again, the standard of speeches and delivery was exceptional which made the adjudicator’s job of selecting a winner and a runner-up particularly challenging. The senior girls selected a meme to suggest a topic and they crafted the most original speeches which provided much entertainment and food for thought. The adjudicator, Mrs Fiona Kampmann, awarded Emma Rosmarin the 2018 Senior Best Speaker title, with Hannah Codrington taking the runner-up slot.

In the junior competition, the speakers selected a line from a nursery rhyme to suggest a topic. In true St Mary’s style, all the speakers produced speeches which provided the audience with intelligent thought, great maturity and a fair amount of humour. The adjudicator, Ms Felicia Tobias, was spoilt for choice, as the standard of this year’s competition was exceptionally high. Siphosethu Mnguni was the winner of the Junior Best Speaker’s Competition, with Ghita Economakis chosen as the runner-up.

Congratulations to all the speakers who participated in the competition and provided their audience with a great night’s entertainment and left them with many ideas over which to ponder.

Janet Milasinovich

Teacher in charge of public speaking