Meet the Board

Nigel Carman chairperson, (1993 to present)

In the corporate world, Nigel Carman practises as an employment and pension fund lawyer with Fasken (previously Bell Dewar & Hall). In the world of St Mary’s, he heads the school Board.

Nigel has traced his firm’s association with the school back to at least 1924. His own association with the school began nearly 30 years ago as legal adviser. He joined the Board in 1993 and has been chairperson since 2007.

During his tenure as a Board member, Nigel has seen a number of long- term projects come to fruition: the AstroTurf hockey pitch, the Desmond Tutu Natural Science Centre, reinstatement of boarding, the building of The Edge and the Aquatic Centre, and more recently, the upgrades to the Junior School and the Health Centre and Open Door department.

Nigel says the challenges, pressures and demands placed on the school leadership, and particularly on the head, have increased significantly over the past 20 years.

“A school is a very complicated organisation that requires a leader of integrity, vision, resilience and courage. As legal adviser, Board member and as chairperson, it has been my privilege to work with impressive, inspirational people, and to see the energy, enthusiasm and optimism of the girls in their charge.”