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“A Re Sebetseng [Let’s work!]: Building a cleaner and better Jo’burg together” – Herman Mashaba: Daily Maverick, 20 September 2017

On Thursday 26 October, the Form I girls took part in a dynamic, experiential day of learning that revolved around the themes of urban development, sustainability and extending the girls’ understanding of the meaning of citizenship and community. The first activity for the day was dedicated to a litter pick up in and around St Mary’s. This response to Johannesburg Executive Mayor Herman Mashaba’s “A Re Sebetseng clean up Jo’burg” campaign allowed the girls to see first-hand the blatant disregard not only for the environment but the impact that litter has on wildlife. The significance of this activity went much further than the physical beautification of the suburb and nearby river; it highlighted the importance of becoming powerful change agents in society.

The girls brought their “treasure” back to school to sort and stuff into discarded 2l Coke bottles, transforming them into Coke bottle bricks. These were destined to become part of the upcycled wall positioned at the recycle depot below The Edge building.

The message here is that learning is ongoing. We all strive to be better, more conscious of the individual being that is part of a bigger whole, as well as being more environmentally aware. The experience was intended to be  humbling, allowing the girls to look beyond themselves and be active contributors to ensuring we all have a future of which we can be proud.

Clare Searle and Jane McMurray

St Mary’s girls do their bit for the community and the environment
The Coke-bottle wall that beautifies the area behind The Edge building