Grade 7 visit to the SPCA

On Tuesday 26 January, the Grade 7 girls had the opportunity to perform community service at the SPCA in Sandton. Our very own Mevrou Jennett, who is also a volunteer at the SPCA, educated us on the three different steps that the animals go through on their arrival. One of the steps is deworming. Mevrou Jennett  explained the importance of treating you and your pets for worms. Then we went through a big blue gate and Mevrou Jennett showed us the different rows of kennels. Row A is for the dogs that have been there for less than 96 hours, row B is for any dogs, row C is for the dogs that are undergoing treatment and are in quarantine and rows D to K are f also for any dogs.

We all had the opportunity to play with the puppies and kittens in the puppy and kitten runs as well as go and give loads of attention to the older dogs that were in the other kennels. I must admit I really was hoping that my mom would allow me to bring another puppy home!

We all thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the SPCA and are very grateful that the SPCA would allow us to come. I know all of the animals loved getting those tummy rubs!

Ashley Murning
Grade 7