Grade 6 tour to Kloofwaters

Grade 6 tour to Kloofwaters was the best. Anyone adventurous would have loved to come with us on the amazing hike to see the beautiful view and complete the rock climb. People who prefer to take it easy could have joined us on the slippery, slimy bum slides.

We expanded our knowledge about birds, plants and insects by taking part in fun and challenging activities like catching frogs, crabs and squirming fishes.

I know I want to get back to the most enjoyable camp ever and I would recommend that everyone takes up an opportunity to visit Kloofwaters.

Mahlatse Chocho
Grade 6

We enjoyed our Grade 6 trip to Kloofwaters. Every morning we woke up to get ready for the day. There was plenty of hustle and bustle between the dorms and breakfast was always ready and waiting for us. After breakfast we grabbed bags and water bottles and rushed to our leaders for a variety of activities like bum sliding, nature hikes and rock climbing. After the afternoon activities we had showers and free time — getting ready for supper, night games and steaming HOT CHOCOLATE. When all the fun was done and it was time for bed, all we could hear were goodnight whispers between dorms and then silence.

Janet Walters
Grade 6