Equestrian: 01 April 2019



















The St Mary’s Junior School equestrian team, made up of Riley Bate, Tiana Serandos and Katherine Franck, achieved phenomenal results at SANESA Qualifier 2. The South African National Equestrian School Association (SANESA) held Qualifier 2 on 2 and 3 March at the Eaton Farm show ground. The Junior School girls participated in a variety of disciplines at a variety of different levels including: Show Jumping, Equitation, Handy Hunter and Dressage.

St Mary’s Junior School are fifth in their category and we are very proud of all the girls’ achievements! We look forward to seeing our girls excel in the upcoming qualifiers.

Top 10 placings in Qualifier Two

Level 5
Show Jumping: Katherine Franck on Bodenhausen la Chocoletier - 1st and 2nd

Level 4
Equitation: Katherine Franck on Simply Sebastian - 6th

Level 3
Handy Hunter: Katherine Franck on Simply Sebastian - 2nd

Level 2
Show Jumping: Riley Bate on Dreamer - 6th

Level 1
Dressage: Riley Bate on Dreamer - 9th
Equitation: Riley Bate on Dreamer - 2nd

Nicola Berlin
Equestrian Vice-Captain: Senior School