African Languages

In July this year, the Form IV African Languages girls were privileged to travel to Soweto for a day. This outing was a great opportunity to submerse ourselves in the vibrant atmosphere that pervades this culturally rich area.

We went on a guided tour of Nelson Mandela’s house, where we were able to gain a deeper understanding of our past. We visited the iconic Jabulani Theatre where the words of PJ Powers’ song Jabulani (“You can sing, and dance, and love, and feel in Jabulani”) were encapsulated in the atmosphere around us. Upon our arrival at Regina Mundi Catholic Church, we took some time to appreciate the awe- inspiring surroundings and to understand its historical significance. We ended our day with lunch on the bustling Vilakazi Street.

From the dancers on the street corners to a monument representative of our Constitution, it was evident that this atmosphere was one of community and love.

A huge thank you is extended to MaNgobese, MaNgubo and MeMahasa for making this enriching and entertaining day possible.

Isabelle Boles

Form IV