Support and counselling

The philosophy of our careers and counselling centre, The Open Door, is centred on a holistic and preventative approach. To this end, we run groups and workshops throughout the school.

Our support team of educational psychologists is led by Heidi Theo, who works with Lara Rammutla and Carmen Whitfield. We work closely with all members of the school in the area of learning and development. Our role is to collaborate with members of staff, parents and other relevant professionals, to ensure the wellbeing of each of our girls.

Muse Mornings are hosted in the Wantage auditorium, during the term, where professionals are invited to discuss relevant parenting issues. Parents are encouraged to attend these informative discussions.

You are invited to contact Heidi, Carmen or Lara directly should you wish to make use of the resources available at The Open Door.


Tel: (011) 531 1841


Tel: (011) 531 1876

Health Centre

St Mary’s School has a well-equipped health centre with two experienced, qualified school nurses. Our nurses provide superb care for girls who are ill or injured, and they inform parents and girls about seasonal viruses and other contagious diseases. Their focus is not only on healing; they also promote healthy living and eating campaigns in both the Junior and Senior Schools.