Fee structure – 2018

Pre-school Grade 000/00   58,500 20,100 6,633 20,100
Grade 0   69,000 23,700 7,821 23,700
Grades 1, 2 and 3   84,400 29,000 9,570 29,000
Grade 4   95,160 32,700 10,791 32,700
Grade 5, 6 and 7 104,180 35,800 11,814 35,800
Forms I and II   118,720 40,800 13,464 40,800
Forms III, IV and V   129,780 44,600 14,718 44,600
BOARDING (Forms I to V)  
Weekly   96,030 33,000 10,890 33,000
Termly   104,760 36,000 11,880 36,000
Per pupil 6,900 2,300 759  

Please note:

  • Fees are payable in terms of the election made by parents prior to the start of each academic year:
    Annual fees - payable no later than the first day of the first term.
    Termly fees - payable no later than the first day of each and every term.
    Monthly fees - payable by the last day of each month from January to October by debit order.
    Other charges are due and payable within three weeks after the rendering of an account.
  • Interest on all overdue accounts will be charged monthly on any outstanding balance at the rate of 2% per month from the due date for payment
  • ​One full term's notice, in writing, is required before withdrawing a pupil from the school
  • An advance payment in an amount determined by the Board from time to time will be required to be paid prior to the admission of new pupils as a condition of admission. The advance payment will be increased in January of each year, such that the equivalent of one term's current fee is held
  • A non-refundable registration application fee as specified in the Application Form is payable when application is made to the school
  • Please budget for additional costs and charges. The total costs per pupil vary from grade to grade, and are influenced by the extent to which pupils engage in additional activities, and their subject choices. Items such as tours, outings and camps will be additional expenses billed at their  actual cost to those pupils who participate
  • The school may appropriate any payment made to any interest which may have accrued, to the oldest debt, proportionately as between siblings, or otherwise in its discretion

Download the 2018 fee structure


Advanced payments – 2018

Advance payments on admission

Upon acceptance of a pupil and prior to admission, the parent shall pay an advance payment in such amounts as may have been laid down by the Board from time to time. This advance payment secures a place in the school for a pupil.

If a pupil does not take up the place offered, the amount so paid is not refundable unless written notice is received by the school at least one full term before the place is due to be taken up.

Advance payments on promotion through the School

Advance payments will be increased each year as a pupil is promoted to a new grade within the school in such amounts as may have been laid down by the Board from time to time.

The "top up" of the advance payment will be debited to the pupil account in the first term of the relevant year and will be payable on the first day of Term I. Advance payments made in previous years will be taken into account in determining the increased amount to be paid.

Interest on advance payments

Advance payments will be held in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, 2008. All interest, or other income therefrom, will accrue to the school.

Refund of advance payments

The advance payment will be refunded, without interest, when a pupil matriculates or leaves the school.

Advance payments may not be offset against amounts reflected as due on pupil statements and will only be refunded when the school receives payment of its final account. However, the school shall be entitled in its discretion to allocate the advance payment, or any portion thereof, towards payment of any amounts due to the school which remain unpaid.

Donation of advance payments

A parent may donate the advance payment, or a portion thereof, to the school's Foundation when the pupil matriculates or leaves the school. Voluntary donations in these circumstances will qualify for a section 18A tax certificate. A section 18A certificate will be issued at the end of the tax year.
Advance payments may be deposited directly into the School's bank account.
Account name: St Mary's School for Girls
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Bramley
Branch code: 004005
Account number: 001789163
Swift code: SBZAZAJJ (for foreign deposits)

Kindly ensure that all payments are referenced with the pupil number and name so that they can be allocated correctly. This is particularly important for foreign transfers.